Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top 10 Highlighters - #9 Vincent Longo Concealer/Illumina Pencial

This is #9 in my highlighter series and while they are not in any particular order, unconsciously I have saved my tried and true for the last two.

Vincent Longo's Concealer/Illumina Pencil is a double sided pencil with concealer on one end and a highlighting formula on the other.

I have recommended this pencil to many friends who are looking for a concealer that is easy and not the battle ready camouflage that some people associate with cover-up. Instead this pencil is silky smooth and super easy to blend. You just swipe it on where needed and pat.

This pencil won't hide any major black circles and can't be layered for disco shine. Instead it does a great job of balancing ease of use with reliable performance.

The highlighter is subtle and the concealer is sheer but effective. You can use a few swipes of both ends of the pencil to achieve a natural glow that lightly conceals while brightening.

It's a workhorse product that I reach for almost daily to give me the look of a few more hours of sleep without the work of a major concealer/highlighting routine.

This wonder pencil comes in six shades and the sharpener for $32.50. This little beauty soldier is worth the trip to Sephora to check out for yourself.

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