Monday, April 21, 2008

DressCamp Shutout!

Okay, as promised I hoofed it on down to my local MAC store and questioned my MAC girls about this collection.

They told me this was a release in Asia and only a few Pro Stores in the US. Apparently both the Pro Stores and online were sold out within a few hours of the products being made available.

I figured that the MAC girls would have first dibs but they assured me that they too were trying to get their hands on the palette or a lip color and came up empty handed.

We then discussed that the products are already on EBay for some serious cash. Plus they let me know that the Naughty Nauticals collection will launch May 1st and that there are many great products so I better be quick!

We also talked about how makeup has become more of a collectors item with people really going wild over certain colors or collections...think Lancome's Gucci Westman lip colors or this collection.
When did this change? I have loved makeup for years but don't remember when wait lists and clamoring at the counters became commonplace.

Anyway, you can bet I will be at my MAC store on May 1st! See you there!

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