Monday, June 30, 2008

No Makeup, Makeup

As noted in my previous post Sephora is joining the ranks of many companies that inevitably jump on the flesh toned makeup band wagon at some point during the summer. As I also said in the previous post, I just don't get it.

Maybe its just me but I am not a fan of this look. In the interests of full disclosure I am a pale skinned gal with blondish hair and flesh toned makeup is a one way ticket to looking like a corpse for me.

Besides, I like the look of makeup whether it is subtle or MAC girl glam! I love a baby pink lipgloss or a strong red cream lipstick. I am equally captivated by an eye shadow palette of neutrals or the turquoise eye that is the summer trend. The point is I like makeup in nearly all its forms with the exception of the flesh tones that could be mistaken for foundation in a lipstick tube.

Now there is the exception of foundation....the more a foundation looks like your flawless skin and not a face full of makeup the better.

Don't get me wrong, I like different makeup for different occasions and I never want my makeup to look like its wearing me and not the other way around. I am not saying Tammy Fay had it right.....what I am saying is I love the look of well done makeup that enhances you or if you choose to go for shimmery, smokey drama then so be it! Just no thank you on the lip gloss that looks like putty in the tube!

One of the worst offenders in my humble opinion was the Lancome Daria Werbowy collection. I loved that a portion went to charity and am all for that, but those lipstick colors and the gloss...oh lord above they were awful! Don't bother with the hate mail as I know from other blogs that some loved this stuff and couldn't get enough. Suffice it say I am not in that crowd. The eye palette was alright with 4 neutral colors. While the colors were fine they didn't wow me but at least they stayed away from the corpse chic of the gloss....sorry Lancome!

So I put the question to you dear readers....what do you think of this no makeup, makeup? Do you purchase flesh toned products or leave flesh matching colors to foundation?

Nordstrom Anniversary Fun

I won't lie....this post is makeup porn! I first heard that term used on Blogdorf Goodman's blog and sometimes that is the only phrase that fits! On the right are a few of the items that got me on the edge of my seat and thinking about just how much could I justify charging at the Nordstom Anniverysary Sale.

Damn that Nordstrom and the makeup exlcusives! They are bankrupting me slowly but surely!

First up is Bobbi Brown's Cocoa Mauve Collection for $65. The set includes blush, eyeshadow, creamy lip color, the bag and gel liner which is a holy grail item for me! No one can touch BB's gel liner!

Here is Bare Escentuals In Fashion set for $75. You get Flawless Radiance, Bahamas eyeshadow, Caviar liner, Escape blush, Bavarian Cream lipstick, 2 brushes and the bag!

Essie Fall 2008 Mini 4 Pack! Red, plum, currant and burgundy polish....good lord above I am hyperventilating!

MAC Colour Forms Powder in PlayAround Pink and Sun Centered.....drooling.

MAC Colour Form Lipstick. All the shades have a beige pearl core....okay I can't take anymore....the makeup porn will continue!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hand Lotion Hoarding

I have talked about my lotion hoarding tendencies in the past. I am not sure why I hoard lotions because I am normally ruthless. If a beauty item does not perform the way I want, I offer it to a friend or trash it immediately!

Maybe the problems roots lie in the fact that on different days or even the time of day, the perfect lotion is different. For instance, in the morning and during the day I want a lotion that absorbs quickly and is mildly scented. This is especially true when it comes to hand lotions...let's face it, work is impossible with slicker than slick hands

But at night my requirements change and I want heavier creams that feel like a pampering treat. I have been known to use my favorite antioxidant serums for my face on my hands at night! Plus a pleasing fragrance feels luxurious at night and doesn't have to compete with perfume I am wearing during the day.

That said my bedside table sees Aveda Hand Relief, various Curel lotions and all manner of body butters in heavy rotation.

Aveda Hand Relief ($18.50) is a rich hydrator with Vitamins A & E that makes my hands feel soft and cared for but absorbs quickly.

Curel is a staple in my house. I buy Hand & Cuticle Cream (a tube is always on my office desk), any of the Moisture Lotions and the new First Signs of Aging lotions all the time. Curel is my fav of the drugstore lotion lines.

Body Butters are what I turn to most at night for their high concentrations of shea and cocoa butters. I love the feeling of lubing my skin up with these super heroes of moisture and like the results in the morning even better. My go to butters are Body Shop, L'Occitane, and Bliss. I do love a pleasing fragrance but Bliss' unscented Body Butter is my choice on the rare occasion I don't.

I hope this gives you some good ideas no matter what your price range. After reading Ji Baek's, Rescue Your Nails book, I feel a bit better about my lotion hoarding. She does say that constant and consistent moisturizing is the key to pretty paws!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

POP Eye Class

Holy eyeshadow! This is an uber palette with 12 eyeshadows packed into a cute little clutch.

On the left are the liners, middle are lid colors and right are highlighters. The brown eyes palette is pictured and the one POP says is the most universal. The blue eyes palette focuses on pinky rose and purple shades while the green eyes has everything from sea green to camel and teal. Green eyes is just right if you are loving the turquoise trend going on right now.

Each of the palettes are designed to give you endless options while enhancing your eye color. I really like the silky consistency and having all those choices in a compact clutch for $32. I have green eyes that border on yellowish hazel but really liked the brown eyes palette best. Brown eyes appealed with all those neutrals and a few punchy colors to jazz it up.

I found all 3 palettes at Sephora, my second home!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Becca Eyeshadow

It was a sad day when Sephora stopped carrying this Australian line. I have often wondered what happened...did other makeup junkies not catch on to this one?

Becca can still be found at Neiman Marcus or online but I often make the trip when I am looking for eyeshadows that fall in the brown/taupe family or the famous Beach Tint in Watermelon. Seriously that Beach Tint is genius!

The Becca range of eyeshadows look kind of neutral and some might say not very exciting in the display but you really need to test them to see their potential.

My staples from this line are:

Loose Shimmer Powder in Mermaid and Eyeshadow in Lurex and Satin. These 3 are all shades of cool taupe-gold and I love them all for different reasons.

Becca's Loose Shimmer Powder is easier to work with than other brands powder pigments....I think this has to do with how finely milled they are, plus they have a little sifter top so you can shake out the desired amount in the cap. Big help!

Becca's Eyeshadow is a velvety texture and really resists creasing. The fine shimmer in the powders look luminous not glittery so you notice your eyes not your eyeshadow.

It's true that there are a lot of brands that make good taupe eyeshadow but Becca is among my Top 5. Becca really does natural pretty best and even manages to make trendier stuff look fresh so you are rocking the trend and not the other way around.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MakeUp Forever HD Microfinish Powder

I have heard lots of talk about this 100% silica powder but hadn't gotten around to giving it a test drive. Being an oily skinned gal I am not sure what caused the delay because oil absorbing silica is my friend!

MUFE already makes my favorite powder, Super Matte, and the new High Definition Microfinish Powder ($30) will be joining the ranks!

This powder is white in the jar but blends into skin and mattifies without looking chalky. MUFE made this powder for HD TV and it does indeed help to soften lines and make skin look better. But the part that got me marching to the cash register was the shine control. I applied a test powder patch to a fairly shiny nose and forehead and BLAM! the shine was gone and stayed that way for hours.

Now if only MUFE would make this in pressed form I would build a shrine in their honor and worship daily!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Gym Beauty

I don't like going to gym and regard it as a necessary evil. I have come to accept that regular exercise must be a part of my life but grumble and gripe every time. With that said nothing horrifies me more than facing the gym's mirrors, red faced and sweating, with that awful fluorescent lighting that makes everyone look half dead.

On the other hand the women who show up to my gym with full makeup on and seem to avoid breaking a sweat to keep their makeup intact are equally ridiculous looking. So in the interests of full disclosure I do have a few products that I swipe on before heading to my date with the stair climber.

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon is my favorite stain for lips and cheeks that gives sheer color without having to worry about lipstick smudges.

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15 is next. I sweep a dusting of powder all over to help even out my complexion and make those glances of myself in the gym mirror less scary. The real benefit of mineral makeup when sweating is it tends to be water resistant and holds up pretty well to my grueling hour in hell, I mean the gym.

Max Factor Clear Mascara is my favorite brow gel. The stuff has great hold and keeps my brows groomed and polished.

Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara is my choice for everyday mascara. It really builds nice volume on my tiny lashes and pulls my gym face together without looking like I got all dolled up just to go to the gym.

I just know that I am not the only one to take these sort of pride preserving measures before marching off to 24 Hour Fitness, right?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vincent Longo - Shimmer, Glimmer & Shine

On my Sephora trip this week I was greeted with their latest promotion for naked know that no makeup, makeup look that I for one just do not get (more on that later). But I would not be distracted by these flesh toned lip color wearing promotional signs, I was there to seek out Vincent Longo's new products for the Shimmer, Glimmer, and Shine collection.

Here is the new Hydro Stick ($25) that comes in 4 gorgeous shades. At first I thought this was a twin of Nars Multiples but one swipe of my finger on this stick and I knew this was new territory.

Hydro Stick is cool to the touch and feels like next to nothing on. The formula is a wonder and is such a winner for the summer heat. No one wants to feel like they are piling on the makeup during the summer months and this stuff is cool and light. You can use in on the lips and cheeks and it gives a glimmery glow that is pretty and not glittery. The Rosewood Dawn (golden peach) and Aqualily (mauve rose) shades are beautiful.

The other product that caught my eye was the Liquid Shadow also in four shades for $24 each. With names like Liquid Desire and Cream Flesh how could you not give them a whirl!

Liquid Desire is a shimmering pink-peach and is amazing on. Supple Rose is a glowing warm pink that may be my favorite of the bunch.

I am here to tell you that these things do not budge! Seriously, I tested them on my hand to pick a shade to try on my eye and after they dried I had a heck of time getting them off of my hand!

After a day of wearing the Liquid Desire around and getting all manner of compliments the shadow came off with makeup remover but it did not crease and the color was still fresh...good stuff!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Essie Summer Collection

I love this nail color collection. It is one of the few that I am tempted to buy every last shade!

Essie's Summer Collection is all about beautiful cream colors that shout summer and really get me in the mood for warm nights and summer barbeques.

I had to really hold myself back and just purchase 2 bottles but I will probably go back for more.

On the left is Guilty Pleasures a bright pink strawberry shade and on the right is My Place Or Yours a muted rose pink that looks like it belongs on Charlotte York's nails.

Essie colors are some of my favorite out there especially when it comes to pinks and sheers, they just seem to get those right every time.

I also have my eye on Movers and Shakers and Secret Stash and since each bottle runs between $7 -$8 depending on where you go, I may just cave.

MAC Colour Forms

Nordstrom and the Anniversary Sale....ahh, for most ladies it is a welcome mid-summer event, not to mention all the makeup exclusives! I am occasionally drawn in by some bag or a pair of shoes but truly nothing makes me as happy as the cosmetics fun.

MAC will be throwing Colour Forms into the mix of makeup happy. There are eye and lip palettes, pigment powders, lipsticks with a beige shimmer core and of course the brush sets.

All this makeup fun can be had on July 18th but pre-ordering is a good idea if something really strikes your fancy. Instyle featured the cool eye palette in this months issue and it sent my heart into near palpitations!

Update: when I visited Nordies today some of the collection was available to ogle and pre-purchase.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Covergirl Big Bold Eyes

On a recent trip to my local Longs Drugs these eyeshadow sets from Covergirl caught my eye. I mean look at those colors!

I don't see many drugstore lines offering bold blues, metallic bronze and gold in their line up. The green tea shade with pink and and from Covergirl, well all be damned!

Covergirl is offering these electric shades in 3 or 4 pan compacts and they are $6 or less.

If there is a shade this season, say the sea blue or turquoise that you have been contemplating, here is a good way to experiment without breaking the bank.

Chantecaille Protected Paradise Eye Palette

Here is Chantecaille's Protected Paradise Eye Palette for $90. I happen to love Chantecaille as a line but the cost of many products stops me in my tracks a lot of the time. The price tag on this compact is a good example.

Protected Paradise features 3 of my favorite eyeshadows in the line with a sheer green overlay that gives the sea it's color. The large fish is a rose gold that beats the pants off of all my other rosy gold shades. The small fish is a bright but deep aqua that is summery without looking garish. The base shade is called Mica and is a medium gray shimmer that is perfection. The eyeshadow color of the fish is not a surface dusting so you get a good amount of the gold and aqua.

Chantecaille is a luxury line and has both the price tags and the quality to prove it. The good news is if you fall hard for a shade in this compact they are all sold separately.

5% of the profits are donated to the Pew Institute for Ocean Science to support Marine Conservation and fish sustainability.

I find Chantecaille at Neiman Marucs and Barneys and was finally snagged by this gorgeous compact. I think it was the two brushes housed underneath the marine scene you see that finally did it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bare Escentuals Three Perfect Blushes Vol. 4

This super cute bag, brush and blush trio from BE is another item I spotted on the BE show on QVC this weekend. This isn't the first blush trio BE has put together but it is the first that really caught my eye.

The set is $36.00 on QVC and features a great range of blush colors.

Blushing Beauty is a sweetheart rose pink
RSVP is a peachy copper
Aubergine is a deeper rose

What really nabbed me was the range of cool and warm tones that will be gorgeous in summer (RSVP) on through to fall with Aubergine. Blushing Beauty is the lightest of the shades but looks like winter pink cheeks to me.

BE blush is a loose powder and does takes a bit of practice to get the amount that works for you down. I find that a tiny amount of blush is needed to get the look I want and in the past I think I was just too heavy handed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bobbi Brown Vintage Hues

Once again this weekend I was cruising the Neiman's in San Francisco and cursing that they have so many exclusives on makeup I am dying to have! Note to self, keep a blank check in wallet for all Neiman's trips as they only take AMEX.

While cruising I spotted the Bobbi Brown Vintage Hues Mauve palette and my breath caught, I felt a little weak in the knees. Approaching slowly, afraid it was a mirage, I gazed at the mauve toned palette with wonder. I was rudely snapped out of my revere by the SA offering help....I wanted to holler leave me alone with this gem and for heaven's sake don't call attention! I may get bum rushed when the other shoppers spot it.

I am here to tell you dear readers she gave me a LOOK and left....oh well, mission accomplished!

Vintage Hues features 3 eyeshadows, a huge blush and 3 lip colors that are all mauve based with the exception of Navajo eyeshadow which made it's debut in the Raspberry palette.

The eyeshadows are Navajo, Vintage and Chocolate Mauve. The large blush is Mauve and is like most BB blushes, super wearable. The lipcolors are Dusty Mauve Creamy Lip Color, Mauve Lip Sheer, and Vintage Mauve Lip Color.

The Mauve Palette is $55 and limited edition. These colors are gorgeous it's true but they are not what I would describe as summery. Instead this palette looks very fall and with so many companies releasing fall collections earlier this year this is no surprise.

At any rate I promise dear readers this one is worth traveling to check out. It is polished and lovely, what BB does best!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zoya - Hot Lips

Hot Lips Hoolihan was my very first thought and for anyone who has ever watched MASH I bet it was yours too!

I recently placed a nail polish order with Zoya and was cruising the sight when I stumbled on these chubby tubes. I was willing to take a risk on one, after all they are a mere $6.

I chose Datenite which looks like an opaque vinyl red in the tube but is a wash of fruit punch on the lips. Delicious! Datenite is a great color for anytime, a date night included. It makes my lips look like I have already had a lot of goodnight kissing!

Zoya says these are glossy lip balms and I figured the lip balm part was probably overrated....I was wrong. Hot Lips is not only really pretty color but also moisturizing and lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. The scent in Datenite is slightly sweet but subtle and didn't bother me.

The only drawback is that these must be applied with your finger as these are a tube and don't have an applicator. Even so these are great easy balms and are beach bag ready!

Hot Lips comes in 50 shades so there is bound to be one or twelve that will tickle your fancy. I admit that I have been cruising the web site noting my future picks!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Neutrogena Age Shield Hand Cream SPF 30

I opened the Instyle this month and saw an ad for Neutrogena's new Age Shield Hand Cream SPF 30! I swear I heard angels sing and the sun shone just a bit brighter. A good hand cream with serious SPF is a void in the marketplace that no one seems to want to jump into.

Most days I resort to putting sunscreen intended for the face on my hands because I want to avoid the dreaded granny hands for as long as possible. You know I hate when cliches are right but it's true that no matter how good a woman's face looks her hands give her away every time.

I went right out to my local Walgreens and picked up a tube of Age Shield to give it a whirl. Age Shield hand cream is a light consistency for an SPF 30, absorbing quickly and leaving my hands soft and protected. This is a great option for those looking for a good hand lotion with sun protection. Remember, no one wants granny hands!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MAC - Cool Heat

Cool Heat is in stores today and while some feel that blue eyeshadow should be illegal this collection proves that there is a blue for everyone. Done right, blue can look fresh and summery with the key being to pick the shade that flatters your eye color and skin tone. Also it is much easier to use blue as a smudgy liner rather than committing to the whole lid.

The collection also introduces 5 new Slimshine lipstick colors and anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I love me some Slimshine!

So after visiting my local MAC store here are my picks:

Solar White Eyeshadow - muted white gold
Warming TrendES - light frosted taupe
Climate Blue ES - violet blue
Gulf Stream ES - frosty blue green
Cool Heat ES - frosty teal

By Degrees Slimshine - pinky brown
Tropic Glow Slimshine- blue pink
Swelter Slimshine - sheer clean red

I realize that I have picked most of the collection but truly Cool Heat is lovely to behold.

If you are looking for good layering colors to use with some of the blue shadow as a liner check out Blue Peep Fluidline or Aqualine Liquidlast Liner. Both liners are teal with Blue Peep being a flat teal and Aqualine is a bright shimmery teal. The real advantage to layering is the intensity of color and the staying power. Blue can be a bit finicky so a good base makes a real difference.

Don't wait too long on this collection if the blues have your heart racing like mine.....the MAC store was packed today and everyone was clamoring over Cool Heat.

Tarte Lock & Roll

Tarte's Lock & Roll was love at first sight. I fell hard for the Gunmetal shade. Gunmetal is the perfect blend of gray, lavender and a word, gorgeous!

Lock & Roll has a liquid creaseless color on one end with a brush for easy application. It can seem a little watery at first, but don't be fooled! You can use one light coat for a sheer wash or a bit more for serious color and shine. The liquid dries quickly and you can stop there or go for broke with the powder.

The other side of this duo tube is a matching powder with a rollerball which is muss, no fuss. The powder can be used alone as well or you can layer it over the liquid for serious wattage eyes that are luminous!

As if the look of this duo wasn't enough they are only $17 each with 7 different combos to pick from. I swear I wanted every last one so I can mix and play to my hearts content. I am not a big fan of carrying eyeshadow in my purse but these would be the exception. This is day to night makeup made simple and compact.

You can find Tarte at Sephora.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zoya Nail Polish

One of my favorite blogs All Lacquered Up is always mentioning Zoya nail colors. I love the pictures she takes of the shades and the color choices had me hunting these bottles down. I was on a mission to lay hands on some of the new colors from the Gossip (The Hills) and Chit Chat (bloggers) collections. After much hunting I could only find one salon that carried them locally so I turned to the Zoya website to order the new stuff.

I am pleased to report that the site is easy to use and the online customer service is great. I just received my picks today and found the online colors were true to life which is always my main concern when ordering sight unseen.

From left:

LO is an edge of neon pink that is super summer ready.

Elodie is the perfect coral that balances pink and orange.

LC is a poppy red cream. This polish is red and fresh rather than looking like a fall season leftover.

Elke is a berry red with gold shimmer. Depending on the light it reads golden or berry with gold's a winner.

Zoya polish is Big 3 Free and I have heard complaints about the wear and chipping. After consulting All Lacquered Up she suggested using Zoya's base and top coat along with their Hurry Up speed drying drops to solve the chipping/peeling issues. I can report that this polish held up well with no chipping so you might consider getting their nail system if you fall in love with the polish.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex and the City - The Movie

I may as well come right out and admit that I loved this series. My best pal and I payed for HBO just so we could watch and canceled the extra cable charges as soon as Season 6 was over and Carrie was back home in NYC.

I loved the shows and bought the DVD sets for a few reasons. First, I was a single parent when I first started watching the show and I loved that it celebrated and validated 4 very different women's choices about what a perfect life looked like.

Second, I had black hair (dyed) when I first started watching and will admit freely that Carrie's blond wavy short cut in Season 5 & 6 made me rethink that decision. It was the first blond I truly adored.

Third, the shoes, the bags, the makeup, I couldn't get enough and I am not a girl obsessed by fashion, just makeup!

Fourth, was the relationships....pick any of them. I think everyone who watches the show has seen bits of their own life and loves in the show, whether that was with a girlfriend or a man. In a way it was comforting to know that all the dating triumphs and disappointments were universal.

The everyone else I was beyond crazy to see it. My hopes were somewhere in the stratosphere and therefore primed for let down. The honest response is I landed somewhere in the middle. Visually the movie is a stunning confection and there are so many makeup colors I am desperate to find out about I would be willing to track down the artists and beg for details.

On the other hand the meat of the show seemed hit and miss in the movie. There were moments when you glimpsed the women as you knew them and then POOF! it was gone and in their place were these superficial reflections.

Update: I went to see this movie again and I really liked it the second time around. I suppose that it is very hard to pack 4 women and their updated lives into a 2 hour movie without glossing over certain parts. Let's put it this way....I will purchase the DVD, so go and see it!

Also the movie book companion that I picked up for $20 at Target is a must have if you loved the show/movie. It is a pictorial that follows the movie and gives great little tidbits from the cast and Michael Patrick King that I was tickled reading about.

Bare Escentuals - The Perfect 10

I Tivo beauty shows on QVC and HSN all the time. I love watching them but when it is a product I have already seen I can zoom right through! This habit of mine is a bit a guilty pleasure and when I attended the BE event at Sephora U a while back I found out I am not alone.

This weekend BE unveiled The Perfect 10 Color Collection on QVC and as the name implies there are 10 products.

The Perfect 10 is a great intro to BE if you aren't super familiar with the line as well as having some great colors exclusive to this set that BE die hards will love. Here is the lineup:

  • BE Mineral Foundation - pick your shade
  • Tinted Feather Light Mineral Veil - this is brand spanking new and was supposed to be exclusive to this set, but Leslie Blodgett got so many strongly worded customer emails that it will be coming out later in the year.
  • Courage Blush - pinky rose tone
  • Hero Eyeshadow - pinky mauve
  • Idol Eyeshadow - deep lilac
  • Zena Buxom Gloss - soft pink
  • Rare Minerals Skin Treatment
  • 3 Brushes - flawless face brush, tapered eyeshadow brush and angled blush brush

This set is available on QVC for $53.94 and all of the eyeshadow, blush and Buxom Gloss colors are exclusive to the set and QVC.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Josie Maran at Barneys

The lovely, gorgeous Josie Maran will be making an appearance at Barneys in San Francisco and sharing some of her beauty tips. I am a huge fan of this line not only for the quality of the products but also the environmentally conscious motivation behind these great cosmetics.

Josie Maran's line incorporates biodegradable packaging made from corn based plastic, recycled aluminum, paper, and glass. Whenever possible organic ingredients that are paraben free are used.

When: Saturday, June 14, 2008 from 12-4 pm
Where: Barneys New York, San Francisco CA
Contact: 415-268-3548 for makeup appointment

"I want to prove that a cosmetics company doesn't have to sacrifice luxury and performance in order to create products that are kind to the natural and social environment. And if we make the world– not to mention women's cheeks and lips– a little rosier while we're at it, even better." - Josie Maran

Shu Uemura 25th Birthday Palette

This palette was created by Shu Uemura to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the line and I am here to tell you he did a dang fine job!

The birthday palette comes in 3 color combos for $65 each:

  • Fleur de Rose (pictured) is inspired by the beauty of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang flowers with rosy tones and a gold highlighter shade that is worth the palette alone
  • Fleur de Source are colors of spring meant to express purity and serenity with beautiful blues
  • Fleur de Terre is vibrant and luminous with summery sunburst shades of orange apricots and pink

The palettes are currently only available to purchase at Neiman Marcus with other stores including the free standing Shu Uemura stores getting them towards the end of June.

My choice is Fleur de Rose. This palette is a home run for features nearly all of my favorite families of eye color and that gold on the right is beyond words!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Brush On Lip Pens

This is my favorite lipgloss delivery system to hit the market in a long time. I adore the convenience of having a brush for precise application built in and the no mess factor.

Here is my best of the bunch:

  • Chanel in Pink Truffle and Madeleine

  • YSL in #15 True Red and #8 Sparkling Nude

  • Stila in Brown Sugar and Cranberry

These range in price from $22-$32 and are very different in terms of texture, shimmer and color payoff. Chanel is a glossy cream, while YSL is a sheer shimmer gloss. Stila is a traditional gloss in pen form and has 28 colors to chose from!

Give these portable beauties a won't be disappointed!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

CK - Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow

I talked about this line a while back and have for some unknown reason not really purchased much up to this point. Well the other day I caved and bought 2 eyeshadows in Honeymoon and Sensuous Taupe.

Holy Cow! What has taken me so long? I have no good answer so instead I will just tell you about how much I love them.

Honeymoon is a super pale shimmery gold that is not yellow and not silver either, its just perfect.

Sensuous Taupe is a fast becoming one of my all time favorite taupes. This shadow has purple undertones and is a medium taupe and is not too dark brown or too light either. That's right Goldilocks, this taupe is just right.

CK says this formula is ultra long wearing with no creasing or fading and they are right on both counts! This eyeshadow has worn very well and I will be going back for more.

On the Sephora website eyeshadow duos are available but I didn't find those in store, so I may have to get over my anxiety about online beauty ordering. The single shadows are $16 and the duos are $22.

I really hope CK Beauty sticks around this time because so far I am liking everything I try from this line.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lessons of a Lipstick Queen - Book Review

As promised I am reporting back on this book I picked up about 2 weeks ago when I met Poppy King the creator of Lipstick Queen.

Lessons of a Lipstick Queen is part personal story and part business book. It makes for a fast read and Poppy King's writing voice is witty and fun.

I would be lying if I didn't admit that the "My Story" sections were my favorite. Poppy King wove paragraphs of her own journey and the creation of her brand into bigger lessons/observations about what did and didn't work and what she learned along the way. But it was the "My Story" paragraphs that had me feeling like one of those people who only eats the tops of muffins or the chocolate coating on ice other words a little glutinous.

I couldn't help it! It was fascinating to me how at 18 she went out and started a lipstick brand that was a multi-million dollar company within 2 years. I got such a kick out of the fact that when she wanted to find a company to manufacture her lipsticks she just picked up the phone book and started calling. It seems so obvious, one of those, why didn't I think of that moments!

Overall this is a fun read that anyone who loves makeup or ever nursed a dream to start a business will enjoy. Happy Reading!

OPI Bogata Blackberry

I have a little addiction to OPI's Bogata Blackberry. This nail polish is a rich blackberry shade with hints of ruby red shimmer. It is a color most would love in fall and winter but I find myself wearing it on my toes all year round.

My best pal has become likewise addicted and try as we might to break free and pick something else...we always return to this shade.

Bogata Blackberry looks great on my whiter than white feet and equally lovely on my more olive skinned pal. I adore the stuff.

Recently my nail lady suggested that I might want to try something else since it was spring and all....I could tell she was implying I was a one trick pony nail shade picker! So at her suggestion I allowed the brightest fuchsia known to man to be painted on my paws. She insisted that this is season appropriate and I am trying hard to like it.

However the hold of this polish is strong my friends and I have to restrain myself from changing my polish to the beloved Blackberry shade. In the interests of trying new things I will be exploring new colors this summer and will report back.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jemma Kidd - Iced Gold Dewy Glow

This was a weekend find at Neiman Marcus. I have a love/hate relationship with Neimans....they don't take any card other than Amex so I always have to remember to have my checkbook handy. I realize this may seem minor but NM is about the only place I can find Becca, Kevyn Aucoin and Jemma Kidd locally. All 3 lines are worth the trip!

Iced Gold creme highlighter is a serious multi-tasker! The creme color falls into the category I call cool golds, meaning they have a fair amount of silver and therefore don't look yellow or bronze.

I use this creme as a base for eyeshadow, brow highlight, cheek highlight and lip highlight. Okay so it's good everywhere!

I love that the texture is light and easily blended plus a little goes a long way. The compact is super slim so it is great for the purse and makes touch ups a cinch. This all over creme comes in one other shade Rose Gold and I really wanted both but satisfied myself with Iced Gold for now.

The line is available at Neiman Marcus and was created for Jemma Kidd's Makeup School courses.

Monday, June 2, 2008

MAC - Soft & Slow Lipglass

Normally I am a MAC die hard but this latest collection Neo Sci-Fi in bright orange packaging just isn't all that exciting to me. For the most part these are colors I have seen before but the noted exception is the return of Soft & Slow Lipglass.

Soft & Slow Lipglass was a limited gloss from almost a year ago that is a great everyday color that looks fresh and nice. It is just a bit deeper than your lip color and while it is tempting to think that you can find another gloss just like it, experience has taught me to buy in multiples!

MAC describes this as a midtone creamy plum shade. On me it makes my lips look polished but not made know that effortless color that makes you look naturally pretty rather than makeup pretty.

Now if I could only convince MAC to keep Dazzleglass around permanently......hmmm, maybe a petition is in order!

Beauty Rush by Victoria Secret

This is my guilty pleasure....I buy these by the dozen. I admit that my stash of them is ridiculous and probably more lipgloss than any 12 people could ever use. I can't help it though....look at them. They are like little shiny lipgloss soldiers and oh so sparkly in the tube....they smell good enough to eat too.

These little babies are 3 for $15 and I was suckered into my first purchase when going to Vicky's for my basic cotton underwear. Right next to the cashier they have a 5 tiered stand just bursting with tubes of this stuff.

The first purchase was innocent enough. I bought Pinked Lemonade, a neon pink shade that is delightfully sheer and gives your lips a bitten look. It also smells and tastes like fizzy lemonade and that's when the problem began.

As far as guilty pleasures go this may not be too least when a friend comes over and likes them I give her one. Okay maybe I then go out and get 3 more but who's counting!