Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Here we come!

So 2009 has snuck up on me....ambushed me really! I was in my local Starbucks today and was wished a Happy New Year, only to realize that today is actually the eve of said year! Good grief, the time seems like it is on fast forward these days.

The holidays should have been ample warning but for some reason 2008 has been a bit of a blur to me.

I rarely make New Years resolutions as doing so only seems like an invitation to the fates to conspire against you. I don't mean that in a negative way but let's just say I have met with limited success when it comes to resolutions. I think we all know where I am coming from on this one and I offer the first few weeks of the new year in my gym as proof. January is a mad house with the cardio equipment being fought over by reluctant gym goers donning sweat pants dug out of the bottom drawer.

By mid-February I can exercise in peace again as most of those resolutions to go to the gym more regularly have fallen by the wayside. I too fall off the wagon at various times of the year so I don't want anyone thinking I am self righteous on this point. I HATE exercising but regard it as a necessary evil.

So I say to hell with resolution making and instead I hope and wish for 2009 that whatever will bring you happiness and contentment will come your way.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bobbi Brown - Bright Eyes Palette

Oh good lord in heaven I thank you for Bobbi Brown and her makeup creations. I mean this dear blog reader and I hope you are with me on this one. BB rarely disappoints with her makeup offerings and lately she has just kept on getting better and more adventurous which is right up my alley.

Behold the new Bright Eyes palette which features 35 shades of bright soft matte shades of eyeshadow for $70. I found this at Neiman Marcus and had a little mini makeup happy attack when I spotted it. The palette was inspired by BB at fashion week and while the color is bright it is still very wearable which is mainly due to the lack of shimmer.

This would make a great gift for any makeup junkie you have on your list or a seriously fabulous stocking stuffer!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lipstick Queen - Liner

As I have previously written, I heart Lipstick Queen and while I can not find fault with the line I have hoped and prayed that one day lip liners would be added that match the lipsticks. I worried that the day would never come because Poppy King seems to be a lipstick purest. I have no problem with that but some of her lipsticks are so perfect that finding equal perfection in liner form has been a challenge.

Well thank the good lord above because Poppy has heard my prayers and answered them with liners that are creamy, keep lipstick in place, and are indeed a perfect match for her lipsticks.

My favorite shade is Rose Saint and Sinner. Rose is pink without being Barbie or bubble gum. It is an adult pink that is bright but deep and perfect! Rose lip liner is equally perfect and I bought 3. One for my purse, one for my bathroom and a backup!

Lipstick Queen is available at Barneys and the liners are $18.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chanel - Russian Nights

Chanel's new Russian Collection for nails is beyond fabulous. All the polishes are a black base with micro-glitter and retail for a cool 30 big ones.

I saw these on All Lacquered Up, one of my favorite blogs out there, and practically drooled on my keyboard. I admit to being enamored of the black or nearly black nail trend but haven't been willing to give it a go myself. Up until spotting this collection it has seemed like the realm of the young and trendy, which I am not.

My interest in clothes and trends outside of makeup is nearly nonexistent and my twenties have come and gone. But as I said this collection caught my fancy and had me jumping in the car to head for San Francisco and my local Chanel boutique.

Right away I spotted the little display of polishes and my intent was to pick one possibly two of the shades. No dice...I was drawn in by the loveliness of these and couldn't help myself. The micro-glitter is a fine shimmer that keeps the polishes from looking too black but the drama is all there.

Nuit de Russie (pictured) is a deep sapphire jewel and does not look like it belongs on the hands of a teenager. It has class and sophistication and would not suffer chips gladly. Feu de Russie is red with black and goes more burgundy when applied but is stunning none the less. Or de Russie has gobs of gold shimmer and is the least black of the 3.

I agree with All Lacquered Up when she writes about having a crush on Peter Phillips, Chanel's new global creative director. I mean how could you not after he gives us polish like this.

If you have ever thought about giving dark nails a whirl I highly recommend giving these a look. You can find them at or Chanel boutiques.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Korres - Vanilla Plum Set

The Vanilla Plum set is a screamin' deal at $19.50 and it smells yummy! Korres is by far one of my favorite lotion, body butter, shower gel type stuff company and I spent a small fortune at their Soho boutique in February.

The lotions and butters are moisturizing without being greasy and most of the scents are divine. (quince is the noted exception for me)

The Vanilla Plum bag is a perfect stocking stuffer and I think my husband might even like this one. He too is a Korres fan. This and many other holiday sets from Korres can be found at Sephora.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lipstick Queen - Medieval

Lipstick Queen is a line of lip products that I love. For those that read this blog you will know of my great love of these flawless lipsticks. Poppy King the creator of Lipstick Queen has been adding to the lineup lately and Medieval is one of my favorite additions.

Medieval is a treatment and sheer blood red lip color in one. The idea behind the color is taken from medieval times when according to Poppy it was a sin for women to wear full color lipstick. Instead women would stain their lips with berries for color and that idea is the inspiration for Medieval.

Red lips are one of the hottest trends for fall but not everyone feels confident about wearing an opaque red lipstick. Medieval makes it easy to wiggle your toes in the pool without jumping in the deep end of this trend.

Medieval can be found at Barneys for $18.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Givenchy Holiday 2008 Palette

What's up pussy cat! This Givenchy palette makes me think of a friend that rocks a brown smokey eye and has that certain kind of long hair that has volume and curl and screams take me to the bedroom now!

Seriously if I could have long hair like hers and rock the brown smokey eye I would grow my own hair out pronto and this palette would be a must purchase item!

As it is my own hair would be flat and lackluster at her length and I have to watch it with too much brown on the eye or I risk looking like I rolled in mud.

Ah well we can't have everything but this Givenchy palette for $53 makes me feel like I can have a little piece of my pal's come hither appeal! And of course you must go to Sephora, my house of worship, to get the goods.