Friday, December 19, 2008

Lipstick Queen - Liner

As I have previously written, I heart Lipstick Queen and while I can not find fault with the line I have hoped and prayed that one day lip liners would be added that match the lipsticks. I worried that the day would never come because Poppy King seems to be a lipstick purest. I have no problem with that but some of her lipsticks are so perfect that finding equal perfection in liner form has been a challenge.

Well thank the good lord above because Poppy has heard my prayers and answered them with liners that are creamy, keep lipstick in place, and are indeed a perfect match for her lipsticks.

My favorite shade is Rose Saint and Sinner. Rose is pink without being Barbie or bubble gum. It is an adult pink that is bright but deep and perfect! Rose lip liner is equally perfect and I bought 3. One for my purse, one for my bathroom and a backup!

Lipstick Queen is available at Barneys and the liners are $18.

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