Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lipstick Queen - Medieval

Lipstick Queen is a line of lip products that I love. For those that read this blog you will know of my great love of these flawless lipsticks. Poppy King the creator of Lipstick Queen has been adding to the lineup lately and Medieval is one of my favorite additions.

Medieval is a treatment and sheer blood red lip color in one. The idea behind the color is taken from medieval times when according to Poppy it was a sin for women to wear full color lipstick. Instead women would stain their lips with berries for color and that idea is the inspiration for Medieval.

Red lips are one of the hottest trends for fall but not everyone feels confident about wearing an opaque red lipstick. Medieval makes it easy to wiggle your toes in the pool without jumping in the deep end of this trend.

Medieval can be found at Barneys for $18.

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