Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angel Sunessence

If my dear readers will recall last summer had me hunting for a summer scent. I mostly struck out and came to the conclusion that the kind of fragrances I like are spicy and warm and don't lend themselves well to hot weather. Try as I might to find a summery scent that is light and breezy I just can't deal with the floral bombs or the citrus explosions that are most summer scents. Truly they just aren't for me.

Imagine my delight when I spotted Angel Sunessence today at Nordstrom. Angel is a longtime favorite of mine but is way too much for hot weather and sweaty bodies. This my dear friend is what Angel Sunessence is all about!

This version of Angel has been softened with bergamot and a floral hibiscus accord. What this means in layman's terms is that Angel has been toned down and made light and breezy which before now I would not have thought possible.

Angel is a rich and warm scent in it's original form that smells best on skin and evokes thoughts of yummy sweet and spicy foods. Sunessence somehow manages to keep the integrity of Angel but make it soft and sundrenched.

I have read many reviews that say Sunessence is lovely but doesn't last all that long. Well my answer to that is what summer scent does? I mean seriously I have yet to find a light breezy scent that has serious staying power because after all that pretty much defies the whole light thing.

It is true that for $80 I would like it to last but I am willing to pay for and reapply often a summer scent I actually like.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Urban Decay - Get Baked Eye Kit

I love this little set. It reminds me of a sampler box of little chocolates. Get Baked is a small taste of some yummy things at a nice little $28 price.

Get Baked has 4 eyeshadows, a mini Sin UDPP, and a mini 24/7 liner in Bourbon.

The four shadows are Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside, and Baked. Bourbon 24/7 eyeliner is a shimmery brown that is a staple in my eyeliner collection.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush

I was at my local Ulta the other day picking up my favorite shampoo and I always cruise the makeup section on my way to the hair products. I swear that Ulta puts the makeup directly in the path of this poor makeup junkie knowing that I will look and most likely purchase.

The lovely Lorac blush you see is a product of this cruising and I just had to share my find. These new baked blushes come in 3 shades and are $24 each. While the description says they are matte that is not entirely accurate. Like most baked products this blush has a glow to it but it stays well away from being shiny.

I bought Exposed which is a gorgeous peachy coral pink that grabbed my attention and stopped me in my tracks. Lately I have been very attracted to these colors for both blushes and lip products as they scream summer to me. I am a very fair skinned person and I stay that way all year long so I am always looking for makeup colors that look summery without involving bronzer. Coral pinks look great on my skin tone and is very season appropriate.

All three shades are super pigmented and don't require much product to get great payoff.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guerlain Summer Splash Palette

Yum! I want to eat this palette up with a spoon and rub it all over my sorry about that, I was having a moment.

Seriously though Guerlain palette's make me soooo happy. They are pricey at $58 to be sure, but you get what you pay for in these babies.

The colors are pigmented and silky. They blend like a dream and the shimmer is sophisticated not disco ball.

Summer Splash starts off with a pearl white and pink and moves on to shimmering taupe and iridescent turquoise. Yummmmmm. I love turquoise and teal shadows during the summer. I can't get enough and paired with coral pink blush and gloss....oh the ecstasy!