Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush

I was at my local Ulta the other day picking up my favorite shampoo and I always cruise the makeup section on my way to the hair products. I swear that Ulta puts the makeup directly in the path of this poor makeup junkie knowing that I will look and most likely purchase.

The lovely Lorac blush you see is a product of this cruising and I just had to share my find. These new baked blushes come in 3 shades and are $24 each. While the description says they are matte that is not entirely accurate. Like most baked products this blush has a glow to it but it stays well away from being shiny.

I bought Exposed which is a gorgeous peachy coral pink that grabbed my attention and stopped me in my tracks. Lately I have been very attracted to these colors for both blushes and lip products as they scream summer to me. I am a very fair skinned person and I stay that way all year long so I am always looking for makeup colors that look summery without involving bronzer. Coral pinks look great on my skin tone and is very season appropriate.

All three shades are super pigmented and don't require much product to get great payoff.

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