Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Givenchy Holiday 2008 Palette

What's up pussy cat! This Givenchy palette makes me think of a friend that rocks a brown smokey eye and has that certain kind of long hair that has volume and curl and screams take me to the bedroom now!

Seriously if I could have long hair like hers and rock the brown smokey eye I would grow my own hair out pronto and this palette would be a must purchase item!

As it is my own hair would be flat and lackluster at her length and I have to watch it with too much brown on the eye or I risk looking like I rolled in mud.

Ah well we can't have everything but this Givenchy palette for $53 makes me feel like I can have a little piece of my pal's come hither appeal! And of course you must go to Sephora, my house of worship, to get the goods.

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