Thursday, June 26, 2008

POP Eye Class

Holy eyeshadow! This is an uber palette with 12 eyeshadows packed into a cute little clutch.

On the left are the liners, middle are lid colors and right are highlighters. The brown eyes palette is pictured and the one POP says is the most universal. The blue eyes palette focuses on pinky rose and purple shades while the green eyes has everything from sea green to camel and teal. Green eyes is just right if you are loving the turquoise trend going on right now.

Each of the palettes are designed to give you endless options while enhancing your eye color. I really like the silky consistency and having all those choices in a compact clutch for $32. I have green eyes that border on yellowish hazel but really liked the brown eyes palette best. Brown eyes appealed with all those neutrals and a few punchy colors to jazz it up.

I found all 3 palettes at Sephora, my second home!

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