Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Becca Eyeshadow

It was a sad day when Sephora stopped carrying this Australian line. I have often wondered what happened...did other makeup junkies not catch on to this one?

Becca can still be found at Neiman Marcus or online but I often make the trip when I am looking for eyeshadows that fall in the brown/taupe family or the famous Beach Tint in Watermelon. Seriously that Beach Tint is genius!

The Becca range of eyeshadows look kind of neutral and some might say not very exciting in the display but you really need to test them to see their potential.

My staples from this line are:

Loose Shimmer Powder in Mermaid and Eyeshadow in Lurex and Satin. These 3 are all shades of cool taupe-gold and I love them all for different reasons.

Becca's Loose Shimmer Powder is easier to work with than other brands powder pigments....I think this has to do with how finely milled they are, plus they have a little sifter top so you can shake out the desired amount in the cap. Big help!

Becca's Eyeshadow is a velvety texture and really resists creasing. The fine shimmer in the powders look luminous not glittery so you notice your eyes not your eyeshadow.

It's true that there are a lot of brands that make good taupe eyeshadow but Becca is among my Top 5. Becca really does natural pretty best and even manages to make trendier stuff look fresh so you are rocking the trend and not the other way around.

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