Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chantecaille Protected Paradise Eye Palette

Here is Chantecaille's Protected Paradise Eye Palette for $90. I happen to love Chantecaille as a line but the cost of many products stops me in my tracks a lot of the time. The price tag on this compact is a good example.

Protected Paradise features 3 of my favorite eyeshadows in the line with a sheer green overlay that gives the sea it's color. The large fish is a rose gold that beats the pants off of all my other rosy gold shades. The small fish is a bright but deep aqua that is summery without looking garish. The base shade is called Mica and is a medium gray shimmer that is perfection. The eyeshadow color of the fish is not a surface dusting so you get a good amount of the gold and aqua.

Chantecaille is a luxury line and has both the price tags and the quality to prove it. The good news is if you fall hard for a shade in this compact they are all sold separately.

5% of the profits are donated to the Pew Institute for Ocean Science to support Marine Conservation and fish sustainability.

I find Chantecaille at Neiman Marucs and Barneys and was finally snagged by this gorgeous compact. I think it was the two brushes housed underneath the marine scene you see that finally did it!

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