Friday, June 20, 2008

Vincent Longo - Shimmer, Glimmer & Shine

On my Sephora trip this week I was greeted with their latest promotion for naked know that no makeup, makeup look that I for one just do not get (more on that later). But I would not be distracted by these flesh toned lip color wearing promotional signs, I was there to seek out Vincent Longo's new products for the Shimmer, Glimmer, and Shine collection.

Here is the new Hydro Stick ($25) that comes in 4 gorgeous shades. At first I thought this was a twin of Nars Multiples but one swipe of my finger on this stick and I knew this was new territory.

Hydro Stick is cool to the touch and feels like next to nothing on. The formula is a wonder and is such a winner for the summer heat. No one wants to feel like they are piling on the makeup during the summer months and this stuff is cool and light. You can use in on the lips and cheeks and it gives a glimmery glow that is pretty and not glittery. The Rosewood Dawn (golden peach) and Aqualily (mauve rose) shades are beautiful.

The other product that caught my eye was the Liquid Shadow also in four shades for $24 each. With names like Liquid Desire and Cream Flesh how could you not give them a whirl!

Liquid Desire is a shimmering pink-peach and is amazing on. Supple Rose is a glowing warm pink that may be my favorite of the bunch.

I am here to tell you that these things do not budge! Seriously, I tested them on my hand to pick a shade to try on my eye and after they dried I had a heck of time getting them off of my hand!

After a day of wearing the Liquid Desire around and getting all manner of compliments the shadow came off with makeup remover but it did not crease and the color was still fresh...good stuff!

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