Monday, June 2, 2008

MAC - Soft & Slow Lipglass

Normally I am a MAC die hard but this latest collection Neo Sci-Fi in bright orange packaging just isn't all that exciting to me. For the most part these are colors I have seen before but the noted exception is the return of Soft & Slow Lipglass.

Soft & Slow Lipglass was a limited gloss from almost a year ago that is a great everyday color that looks fresh and nice. It is just a bit deeper than your lip color and while it is tempting to think that you can find another gloss just like it, experience has taught me to buy in multiples!

MAC describes this as a midtone creamy plum shade. On me it makes my lips look polished but not made know that effortless color that makes you look naturally pretty rather than makeup pretty.

Now if I could only convince MAC to keep Dazzleglass around permanently......hmmm, maybe a petition is in order!

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