Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OPI Bogata Blackberry

I have a little addiction to OPI's Bogata Blackberry. This nail polish is a rich blackberry shade with hints of ruby red shimmer. It is a color most would love in fall and winter but I find myself wearing it on my toes all year round.

My best pal has become likewise addicted and try as we might to break free and pick something else...we always return to this shade.

Bogata Blackberry looks great on my whiter than white feet and equally lovely on my more olive skinned pal. I adore the stuff.

Recently my nail lady suggested that I might want to try something else since it was spring and all....I could tell she was implying I was a one trick pony nail shade picker! So at her suggestion I allowed the brightest fuchsia known to man to be painted on my paws. She insisted that this is season appropriate and I am trying hard to like it.

However the hold of this polish is strong my friends and I have to restrain myself from changing my polish to the beloved Blackberry shade. In the interests of trying new things I will be exploring new colors this summer and will report back.

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Marisol said...

I am wearing that color on my nails. My nail lady talked me into it and I really like it. I may be buying the product since I liked it to much.