Monday, June 16, 2008

Bobbi Brown Vintage Hues

Once again this weekend I was cruising the Neiman's in San Francisco and cursing that they have so many exclusives on makeup I am dying to have! Note to self, keep a blank check in wallet for all Neiman's trips as they only take AMEX.

While cruising I spotted the Bobbi Brown Vintage Hues Mauve palette and my breath caught, I felt a little weak in the knees. Approaching slowly, afraid it was a mirage, I gazed at the mauve toned palette with wonder. I was rudely snapped out of my revere by the SA offering help....I wanted to holler leave me alone with this gem and for heaven's sake don't call attention! I may get bum rushed when the other shoppers spot it.

I am here to tell you dear readers she gave me a LOOK and left....oh well, mission accomplished!

Vintage Hues features 3 eyeshadows, a huge blush and 3 lip colors that are all mauve based with the exception of Navajo eyeshadow which made it's debut in the Raspberry palette.

The eyeshadows are Navajo, Vintage and Chocolate Mauve. The large blush is Mauve and is like most BB blushes, super wearable. The lipcolors are Dusty Mauve Creamy Lip Color, Mauve Lip Sheer, and Vintage Mauve Lip Color.

The Mauve Palette is $55 and limited edition. These colors are gorgeous it's true but they are not what I would describe as summery. Instead this palette looks very fall and with so many companies releasing fall collections earlier this year this is no surprise.

At any rate I promise dear readers this one is worth traveling to check out. It is polished and lovely, what BB does best!

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