Monday, June 2, 2008

Beauty Rush by Victoria Secret

This is my guilty pleasure....I buy these by the dozen. I admit that my stash of them is ridiculous and probably more lipgloss than any 12 people could ever use. I can't help it though....look at them. They are like little shiny lipgloss soldiers and oh so sparkly in the tube....they smell good enough to eat too.

These little babies are 3 for $15 and I was suckered into my first purchase when going to Vicky's for my basic cotton underwear. Right next to the cashier they have a 5 tiered stand just bursting with tubes of this stuff.

The first purchase was innocent enough. I bought Pinked Lemonade, a neon pink shade that is delightfully sheer and gives your lips a bitten look. It also smells and tastes like fizzy lemonade and that's when the problem began.

As far as guilty pleasures go this may not be too least when a friend comes over and likes them I give her one. Okay maybe I then go out and get 3 more but who's counting!

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