Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex and the City - The Movie

I may as well come right out and admit that I loved this series. My best pal and I payed for HBO just so we could watch and canceled the extra cable charges as soon as Season 6 was over and Carrie was back home in NYC.

I loved the shows and bought the DVD sets for a few reasons. First, I was a single parent when I first started watching the show and I loved that it celebrated and validated 4 very different women's choices about what a perfect life looked like.

Second, I had black hair (dyed) when I first started watching and will admit freely that Carrie's blond wavy short cut in Season 5 & 6 made me rethink that decision. It was the first blond I truly adored.

Third, the shoes, the bags, the makeup, I couldn't get enough and I am not a girl obsessed by fashion, just makeup!

Fourth, was the relationships....pick any of them. I think everyone who watches the show has seen bits of their own life and loves in the show, whether that was with a girlfriend or a man. In a way it was comforting to know that all the dating triumphs and disappointments were universal.

The movie....like everyone else I was beyond crazy to see it. My hopes were somewhere in the stratosphere and therefore primed for let down. The honest response is I landed somewhere in the middle. Visually the movie is a stunning confection and there are so many makeup colors I am desperate to find out about I would be willing to track down the artists and beg for details.

On the other hand the meat of the show seemed hit and miss in the movie. There were moments when you glimpsed the women as you knew them and then POOF! it was gone and in their place were these superficial reflections.

Update: I went to see this movie again and I really liked it the second time around. I suppose that it is very hard to pack 4 women and their updated lives into a 2 hour movie without glossing over certain parts. Let's put it this way....I will purchase the DVD, so go and see it!

Also the movie book companion that I picked up for $20 at Target is a must have if you loved the show/movie. It is a pictorial that follows the movie and gives great little tidbits from the cast and Michael Patrick King that I was tickled reading about.

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Marisol said...

I ♥ the movie too. I am also planning on buying the book and the DVD when it comes out. I have seen it three times already.