Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zoya - Hot Lips

Hot Lips Hoolihan was my very first thought and for anyone who has ever watched MASH I bet it was yours too!

I recently placed a nail polish order with Zoya and was cruising the sight when I stumbled on these chubby tubes. I was willing to take a risk on one, after all they are a mere $6.

I chose Datenite which looks like an opaque vinyl red in the tube but is a wash of fruit punch on the lips. Delicious! Datenite is a great color for anytime, a date night included. It makes my lips look like I have already had a lot of goodnight kissing!

Zoya says these are glossy lip balms and I figured the lip balm part was probably overrated....I was wrong. Hot Lips is not only really pretty color but also moisturizing and lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. The scent in Datenite is slightly sweet but subtle and didn't bother me.

The only drawback is that these must be applied with your finger as these are a tube and don't have an applicator. Even so these are great easy balms and are beach bag ready!

Hot Lips comes in 50 shades so there is bound to be one or twelve that will tickle your fancy. I admit that I have been cruising the web site noting my future picks!

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