Monday, June 30, 2008

Nordstrom Anniversary Fun

I won't lie....this post is makeup porn! I first heard that term used on Blogdorf Goodman's blog and sometimes that is the only phrase that fits! On the right are a few of the items that got me on the edge of my seat and thinking about just how much could I justify charging at the Nordstom Anniverysary Sale.

Damn that Nordstrom and the makeup exlcusives! They are bankrupting me slowly but surely!

First up is Bobbi Brown's Cocoa Mauve Collection for $65. The set includes blush, eyeshadow, creamy lip color, the bag and gel liner which is a holy grail item for me! No one can touch BB's gel liner!

Here is Bare Escentuals In Fashion set for $75. You get Flawless Radiance, Bahamas eyeshadow, Caviar liner, Escape blush, Bavarian Cream lipstick, 2 brushes and the bag!

Essie Fall 2008 Mini 4 Pack! Red, plum, currant and burgundy polish....good lord above I am hyperventilating!

MAC Colour Forms Powder in PlayAround Pink and Sun Centered.....drooling.

MAC Colour Form Lipstick. All the shades have a beige pearl core....okay I can't take anymore....the makeup porn will continue!

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marisol said...

oh damn... bring on the MU porn!