Thursday, April 17, 2008

Korres Body Butter

As mentioned in my previous La Vanilla post I am super picky about lotion. I have 3 main requirements when it comes to lotion and they are super moisturizing, non-greasy and pleasingly scented. I usually find that I must sacrifice one requirement to get the other two and so the hunt continues.

However this winter and early spring my hands have been DRY. Not a little dry but Mojave desert dry and if I have not constantly applied lotion they have taken on that crepey old lady hand look. AHHHH! This was a lotion emergency.

After much consulting with my favorite Sephora girl she led me to Korres. She was upfront that these lotions and butters would take some time to absorb but the results would be worth sacrificing my non-greasy lotion ban.

Boy howdy was she right! I bought the Guava body butter to start which is a light scent and was hooked. I went back for the Vanilla Cinnamon body milk and the Fig body butter which is a spicy scent that men can deal with.

Speaking of men, there was a suspicious amount of my Korres lotion being used up and all paths led to my husband. This is a man who will not use any of my other lotions as he claims they smell like the perfume counter at a department store.

Well he was using Korres and finally fessed up that the scents I chose were "not bad" (high praise from my husband) and that he thought they did a great job at banishing dry skin.

These moisturizers range from $6-$27 depending on product and size. Korres is a line that prides itself on natural ingredients used to their best advantage and come from the oldest pharmacy in Greece.

In my house Korres is makeup junkie tested and husband approved!

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