Monday, April 21, 2008

Cargo Plant Love

This is great lipstick for so many reasons. From the earth friendly corn resin lipstick tubes to paper packaging embedded with wildflower seeds you can plant to a great shade selection of sheer glossy colors, well I like this stuff.

Plant Love lipstick is not new but new colors are added periodically. The new issue of Shape magazine with Denise Richards on the cover highlighted the 2 shades she designed. Sam, a sheer red and Lola, a shimmery nude are named for her daughters.

I really like Cece and it embodies what I like best about these lipsticks on the whole. They are transparent but have lots of color payoff and are glossy without being sticky or messy. Plant Love lipsticks get it right when it comes to a modern lipstick finish that is easy to wear yet polished looking.

These lipsticks are moisturizing and wear really well. I feel like I am gushing a bit but I love when cosmetics companies hit it out of the park and like to help celebrate their success!

My fav shades are:

Cece: sheer berry plum (reminds my of Clinique's Black Honey with a stronger purple undertone)

Majella: sheer rose plum

Muir Woods: sheer shimmery natural mauve pink

Killarney: a warmer pink shimmer that lasts for hours

Please do check out these 20 lipsticks if for no other reason than the planet friendly packaging or that $2 is donated to St. Judes for every purchase. Oh and you are bound to look great in one as well!

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