Saturday, April 19, 2008

Conclusion of the Weekend Hunt!

Yipee! My hunt is concluded and the fragrance I settled on is luscious. I want to come right out and say that I had an epiphany in Barneys yesterday, one which the nice SA helped me come to gently.

I headed straight for L'Artisan as I had a few scents on my smell list from them and described to the SA what I was looking for. The wise SA then asked what I currently own and love. I mentioned that my absolute fav is Noir Epices and she frowned. Constructively she suggested I was barking up the wrong tree, pointing out that I love spicy, yummy, scents and yet I was describing something completely different. (see Update-Weekend Hunt post)

Well dang it if she wasn't right and her solution was to stick closer to home and look for a version of spice and woods that would suit for spring. I tried a few L'Artisan scents and while I have not a bad thing to say, they just weren't The One!

I skipped on over to Parfums DelRae which is a collaboration between DelRae and Michel Roudnitska the creator of Noir Epices. I had high hopes and smelled all 4 scents in turn.

Holy Cow! #4 was Bois de Paradis! Where in the heck has this been hiding!

A few weeks ago Blogdorf Goodman wrote about the now discontinued Donna Karan Chaos perfume and all it's woody goodness. Well when I first sniffed Bois de Paradis I smelled a hint of Chaos.

What I mean is, you might see pictures of a gorgeous woman when she was growing up....maybe she was pretty but a little gawky and not the gorgeous beauty she would become. There were hints of how lovely she would be but she just wasn't there yet. Bois de Paradis is Chaos all grown up and super model lovely.

This is the thought I had when luxuriating in the scent on my wrist. It is woody but it has fruity notes and the sexiest rose imaginable to balance it. The combination of spices and sweet is masterful and somehow not heavy.

If you loved Chaos, go out and get yourself some Bois de Paradis. It is my choice for this spring and summer and as the name implies, I think it smells just like paradise!

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