Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Laura Mercier - Gold Digger Eye Color Pot

I love spring, all the flowers and green grass. Warmer weather and longer days.

What I can't stand are the Easter egg type colors that seem to dominate the cosmetics counter and hold me hostage until fall. I admit that by the time the fall makeup collections roll around I am feeling deprived and grumpy. No more pastel is my plea!

That is why this spring has been cause for celebration in my neck of the woods. First Bobbi Brown had all that raspberry lusciousness and now Laura Mercier and Gold Digger! Hallelujah!

The Eye Color Pot comes in 3 combos. Bronze Gold (pictured), Solid Gold and White Gold. All have a cream shadow on top and shimmer powder on bottom in a double decker pot. I think I drooled a little when I tried White Gold. White Gold, there just aren't reflects silver, but the light shifts and the coolest yellow gold flecks stare back at you. White Hot!

I was's true. I felt the makeup gods had smiled upon me and I was content to go home with White Gold. But then the artist who was visiting suggested I hop on the chair and she would give my eyes the Solid Gold treatment.

Readers, I am afraid of counter artists. I have a particularly traumatic incident with a national artist in my past that haunts me. I will say eyeshadow can be washed off with public bathroom soap in an emergency situation.

The Laura Mercier artist has restored my faith and made me less likely to swing my handbag when I am asked if I would like to hop in the chair for a touch up. Solid Gold was beautiful. I gulped when I saw the warm gold powder but I needn't have worried. It made my eyes POP! Gold at it's best is a wonder....there is just so much trashy gold out there it's easy to lose faith.

They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever and these little gems are beauties. Run, do not walk, to the Laura Mercier counter and snatch up your favorite. I promise, hand on heart, you will never prefer a pastel hell eyeshadow once you have seen the glory that is Gold Digger!

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