Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bare Escentuals & Sephora U

Tonight I attended the Bare Escentuals Master class in San Francisco located at the brand new Sephora University. Leslie Blodgett (CEO, Bare Escentuals) was there as were most of the national makeup artists for the brand.

First off, the place is lovely and would do any makeup junkie proud. They have a scent organ and huge bottles of various fragrances all back lit and glam in the main reception area along with a library of beauty books and magazines, including the new Sephora Book!

The class itself had two of the artists demonstrating some of BE's newest products with Leslie Blodgett talking about upcoming Sephora exclusives and taking questions. After that the artists dispersed among the tables of attendees and helped with any BE questions or application techniques. It was like a giant girls night with products in the middle of each table so you could play.

The $25 fee was redeemable for orders placed online at the class. I chose the kit pictured. The three shadows are Winter White (white with gold fleck), Smoke (smoky grey taupe) and Nurture (deep purple grey) with blush in Kiss. The Buxom lipgloss is Dolly. Plus 3 brushes for $49!

The best part of this whole night was the chance to be among my know other women slightly obsessed with makeup and eager to chat about it. Leslie Blodgett is a charmer and lovely in person....QVC does not do her justice!

According to Sephora they will continue these classes with other brands and I can't wait to see what will be up next. If for no other reason the sneak peeks at upcoming products makes the event a great time.

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Michelle said...

How did you know when the Sephora U class was? I am a Sephora Beauty Insider and didn't hear of the event only read about it in the paper. I'm bummed I missed out. How can I find out when the future events are?