Monday, April 7, 2008

Choose Your Weapon

No matter what kind of makeup you like best everyone has a preferred method of applying it. Pictured here are the methods I tend to bounce between depending on my mood and patience level.

Foundation brushes are time consuming for me and I have a tough time blending out all streaks. Maybe there is some technique I don't know about but most of the time this is my last choice.

The pink egg is the Beauty Blender and the cleanser to keep it clean. The Beauty Blender does an A+ job of applying makeup, blending well and absorbing less foundation since you use it wet. My one and only complaint with this egg is the time (I am not patient as a rule and the morning is no exception) involved in cleaning the sponge daily. On the website they give a great demo video on how to use it and I agree 100% that the bouncing method of application yields great results, it just requires a little time.

My third and most often used choice are regular old non-latex wedge sponges. There are all sorts of brands and they vary wildly between thirsty little foundation drinking vampires to race cars of speed and performance. I have tried at least a dozen different brands and my current favorite are Walgreens Perfection Ultra Wedges with Vitamin E. I stumbled upon these when my old fav, Target wedges, changed texture and not for the better.

These do a great job of using a small amount of foundation, leaving very few streaks to be blended, and you can wash the larger ones for extended use. Plus they are inexpensive at around $3 for 8 large or 24 medium wedges.

In the end I know this is a personal choice and for me that choice is dictated by speed and ease. What is your favorite application technique?

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