Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MAC Dazzleglass

Wow...this looks like serious lipgloss! Described as high shine with large particle crystals....I had to see this for myself. I was either going to love it or hate it and by hate it I mean, chunky glitter teenage mall hair, hate it!


Holy Crap! I just returned from my local MAC store and they were unpacking this gloss as it goes on sale tomorrow. Dazzleglass is the right name for this is heaven in a tube!

Dazzleglass comes in 16 shades and I loved every last one including the blue! The blue takes red to purple and oh my word the shine and sparkle of these is unparalleled.

Truly the description can be a little off putting....the part about large particles....I imagined gritty glitter, but not so. Instead the base is super high shine and the crystal and opal particles are spectacular shine!

Due to the thicker texture it stays put for longer than most gloss and your lips are a magnet of shiny-ness the whole time. Don't be worried about thicker texture...this is not sticky or tacky at all....just shiny!

I was able to test a few shades today and right after went to the grocery store. No less than 3 women stopped me and asked what kind of gloss I was wearing.

Get thee to the MAC store and pick your favorite my fellow makeup junkies! Gloss like this only comes along so often.

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