Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LipFusion Plump + RePlump

After seeing this advertised in the pages of my beloved Allure, I had to check it out. This latest product from Fusion Beauty said that it would not only plump my lips, but replump them every time I licked them. Could this be true or was this all a bunch of lipgloss hooey?

In all fairness I have never jumped on the plumper bandwagon, although I have many pals who swear that without the original LipFusion Color Shine Gloss, they would have thin pathetic pouts. They are devotees of certain colors (mainly Summer a shimmery rose shade) and greeted the limited edition Velvet Bling gloss, complete with a sparkly rhinestone wand, like a religious event!

Well I could hardly stand by and let them have all the Angelina Jolie pillow-y lipped fun...I needed to try this for myself!

So I went on over to the local Ulta and slicked on this new fangled lipgloss in Baby (bright pink). I cruised around the store and noted the slight tingling sensation and that the color was more sheer that I had anticipated.

I went home and did all manner of things and kept checking my lips for the colors staying power and if I had morphed into Angelina Jolie (well at least her lips). I am happy and surprised to report that the pink wash of color had surprising staying power and although this wasn't slick like a gloss, the texture was comfortable on my lips. My lips did look a tad fuller but my Angelina dreams were not happening.

I have since tried a few different plumpers and I think it has put my results with this product into perspective. Most of the plumpers I tried just tingled mildly or like hell and didn't really seem to plump anything and instead just felt irritating. LipFusion on the other hand did plump up my pout and while I was not mistaken by anyone for Angelina, my kisser looked pretty darn good!

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