Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sephora - The Ultimate Guide

I was able to give this book the once over at the Bare Escentuals event at Sephora U last week and have been very excited to get my hands on it and read it cover to cover.

Therefore it pains me greatly to say....the ultimate guide is underwhelming.

I am a loyal Sephora shopper and purchase an absurd amount of products from them and spend an even more ludicrous amount of time just playing around in the stores. I was really looking forward to this book because I figured it had to be a sure thing. The idea of hearing from the creators of some of my favorite brands was thrilling and I couldn't wait to read their tips and tricks.

I hate to say that I really feel that the book reads like a very informative Sephora catalog. Ouch! I know...don't think dear reader that I want to say this. I heart Sephora and so this is super disappointing.

Now in all fairness there are good parts, such as:

1. an ingredient guide

2. a brush guide that explains brush shape and use in detail

3. a quick fix section

Here is my issue....for any self respecting makeup junkie who subscribes to say, Allure, this info is old hat. I own a number of makeup books that offer great instruction and technique but sadly this one pales in comparison.

Perhaps that is the crux of the matter....this is a great book for beginning makeup junkies but not those of us with an advanced addiction.

I realize I may be reviewing this with a very critical eye. But in my humble opinion if you have someone like Vincent Longo available to pick his brain for his tried and true makeup techniques, ask him.....don't describe his trials and tribulations on getting to a runway show on time and the cab strike!

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