Monday, April 28, 2008

Sally Hansen & Carmindy

I am a big fan of Carmindy and What Not To Wear. I admit that while I will makeup shop 'til I drop, clothes shopping is another ball game. To be frank, I am busty and so a lot of clothes just don't fit correctly and I get frustrated. What Not To Wear has helped a lot in that department, especially in making the point that to get great fit most women must see a tailor.

But in truth my favorite part of all the episodes is when Carmindy does her makeup magic! She is the one who really turned me on to highlighting and how it wakes up your face with minimal effort. Naturally I have been looking forward to her collaboration with Sally Hansen hitting stores to test out the products for myself!

So I think that in the interests of being fair I will list the pros and cons:

  • eyeshadow palettes come in 8 different color choices and are very easy to wear shades
  • lipstick is a gel based cream and the texture is wonderfully light
  • foundation and powders offer good color choices for fair skin

  • no sunscreen in anything which is a serious faux pas in this day and age
  • fragrance in the lip products is sweet and slightly bubblegum (I don't like fragrance in lip stuff)
  • no testers which drives me nuts

There you have it. I give it a C+ or B-, which is a passing grade but not the A+ I was hoping for. I have read the rave reviews on Makeup Alley for the foundation but the lack of sunscreen in the foundation and the primer just kills me.

I found this after some hunting at Ulta with the product line ranging from $7.99-$12.99.

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