Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Allure's Fragrance Guy

Today I received the new Allure with Hilary Duff on the cover. On page 134 is Frederic Malle's monthly feature, The Fragrance Guy.

This month it appears that Frederic Malle is reading my mind....no kidding! This page is devoted to summer fragrances (see my Weekend Hunt posts) and the dilemma of finding a fragrance that is fresh but doesn't fade instantly. Mr. Malle assures his dear readers that they do exist.

He recommends everything from florals and citrus to ozonic notes and by and large I love his ideas and have made note of a few to go out and smell. Some of his fav's are Lys Mediterranee which is gorgeous and Chanel Cristalle which is a scent that I always have on hand. Cristalle is crisp and sophisticated.

Also mentioned are Diorella and the ubiquitous Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I have never sniffed Diorella but will ASAP, as he mentions it has melon notes that give the fragrance a watery effect!

I also always read Linda Wells, Letter From the Editor as I find her insights into everything from the fashion world to perfume hilarious and true. This issue she focuses on fragrance and why people aren't wearing it. She makes the point that fragrance conveys your personality in the most intimate way and I couldn't agree more.

I for one know that memories of my mom will forever be associated with Cristalle and the heady scent of Tiffany. I also see the change in a SA's expression when I mention that Noir Epices is my all around fragrance of choice. It is not the most accessible scent as it is long on spice and short on flowery sweetness.

Maybe that says something about me and whatever it is, it's alright by me. Noir Epices is beautiful and mysterious and I feel I am the height of sophistication whenever I spray it on.

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