Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Revlon Gloss

A great drugstore find is how I would describe this gloss. I have many favorite glosses and most of them cost a lot more than $6. I bought my first one of these in a pinch. I had somehow left my entire makeup bag out of my purse and did not have a thing in the way of lipstick, lip balm, or gloss and my only option was the drugstore. A few shades in this line looked alright and I figured that even if I hated them, I was only out $6 each.

This lipgloss plays ball with some of the big boys. The colors are not as dark as they appear in the tube and are easy to wear. The texture is not sticky and they are fragrance free which I love.

My issue with fragrance is that most companies who fragrance their cosmetics, especially their lip stuff, favor rose or some other cloying scent. I don't want to eat roses and the scent right next to my nose just drives me nuts. I know this is a divided subject but MAC's vanilla scent is about the only one I can handle.

These colors are a pretty basic range but the surprise for me was that I kept going back to 2 of the shades I bought and passing over my glosses that normally see heavy rotation.

Glossy Rose #070 is a natural rose pink shade that is your lip color but better. It is a no brainer, can't screw it up color that you can swipe on and head out the door.

Pearl Plum #090 is a sheer plum shade that pumps up your lip color and is my go to when I feel like I am looking tired in the morning and just need a little extra something.

I admit that I do not normally go to the drugstore to makeup shop and before you get the idea I am a makeup snob, it is the lack of testers that keeps me away. This gloss was a pleasant surprise and confirms the news that quite a few of the drugstore brands have improved dramatically. I use Paula Begoun's Beauty Pedia to make good suggestions on drugstore stuff and I am rarely disappointed.

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