Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top 10 Highlighters - #1 Tricia Sawyer Eye Slept

I love highlighter. I know I say I love lots of makeup but highlighter or brightener or luminizer, whatever you want to call it, really is a gift from above to us poor sleep deprived mortals. Good highlighter makes you look awake, bright eyed, and gives that glow of youthful skin that getting older or just being really hungover can take away.

The first person I saw really treat highlighting as religion was Carmindy on What Not To Wear. She always uses it on the inner corners of the eye and along the brow bone and every time I am amazed what a little shimmery stuff can do. She discusses the idea and gives product recommendations in her book 5 Minute's a great read in general.

With that said I have tried a lot of products in this category and some are great and some are better left on the shelf. In honor of the magic of highlighters I will start off with the first of ten products....Tricia Sawyer Eye Slept ($21). Tricia Sawyer is a movie makeup artist best known for her work with Sharon Stone. I was super excited when this became available at select Sephora stores so I could see if the magic was real.

This stuff is in a small tin and is a bright, slightly green white. It takes the TINIEST amount to get the desired result. I put a dab on my finger and used it for both eyes, gently patting under the eye. It is instant awake in a tin.

The real pitfall of this is over using the product. I think a lot of people think if a little is good, more is better! Not so with this stuff. Plus I noticed that setting it with a touch of powder really improved the wear and kept it out of fine lines. I do have oily skin so this might not be necessary if your skin is normal or dry.

It is available at select Sephora stores and online, also check out Tricia Sawyer's website. Great makeup demos and product demonstrations.

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