Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top 10 Highlighters - #4 Cargo Eyelighter

The Eyelighter conjures up magic wand thoughts for me. With both a shimmer and matte powder I am Glenda the Good Witch, sweeping stardust on my tired eyes.

I first saw this product around the holidays on HSN's Sephora shows that were live on 5th Avenue. It was love at first sight with this dual tipped pen. I was over the moon that I no longer had to use 2 different products to get the lift of the matte powder and the brightening from the shimmer.

The Eyelighter is $17 at Sephora and you have a choice of white or gold! I can not help you pick between the two....I love them both equally but for different reasons.

White is my everyday choice, but the gold is so great for the spring and summer. For those of us who do not tan and avoid the sun at all costs, gold has a way of bringing the illusion of warmth and sunlight to our face.

At $17 I say go for both, but no matter what you choose, you will be pleased and feel a little like Glenda!

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