Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sephora Refillable Powder Brush

I have been tempted to buy one of those pre-loaded mineral powder brushes but I always think they are a little pricey since they can't be refilled. Plus you end up throwing a perfectly good brush away.

Voila! Sephora has filled that niche nicely and you can decide what kind of powder to put in there. Now you're talking!

I first saw this little wonder on Beauty and the Blog, which naturally required that I go on down to my local Sephora to check it out. If you are thinking that it doesn't take much to prompt me and that the staff must know me name, you would be right on both counts!

This brush was just as neat in person, with a little scoop to ladle your loose powder of choice in with a minimum of mess. The bristles are soft and rounded and for $22 bucks its a fun tool to have in your arsenal, especially for travel. I did find myself daydreaming of far away places without opening my makeup bag to find loose powder everywhere. Well done Sephora!

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