Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stila - Kitten Silk Eye Shadow Wash

Stila's Kitten eyeshadow is always winning rave reviews from beauty editors everywhere. I for one have never understood the hoopla over this shade.

Kitten always looks too shiny on me and I prefer the pinky champagne goodness of other lines much more. MAC Vapour and Naked Lunch, Lancome's Vue or Nars Nepal are my choices in this color category.

But Stila has now made this best selling shade in a water based liquid to powder formula which warrants a second look!

This is indeed a very light liquid that feels like water when applied. The wash still has that signature pink-champagne hue but the foil like shine is toned down nicely.

I really liked the way it applied and the staying power was good as well. Overall I think this is an improvement over the pressed version which I realize borders on sacrilege for the devoted fans of Kitten. The winning point is the formula as it truly feels like next to nothing on.

I found this at Sephora along with Kitten lipgloss and the Stila Summer palette with bronze and turquoise shades that are on trend for this summer.

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