Saturday, May 24, 2008

Makeup as Metaphor

I am often asked the question...why I do I love makeup so much. To be candid, I can usually detect just a little bit of scorn from the person asking this question. Something along the lines of makeup being equated with vanity and vanity being shallow.

I take issue with this and I think all of you out there who really love makeup should too.

Makeup is democratic in that it is the great equalizer in the fashion world. Makeup does not favor a body type, a height, or weight. Makeup always fits and never makes your butt look big!

Makeup allows you to be as trendy as you want one day and to start all over again the next with a little soap and water. It allows for transformation and makes it possible to try on a new identity and is forgiving if you change your mind.

Makeup, well applied, makes most people look better. It graciously hides our imperfections and highlights our assets making it possible for some to concentrate on the best of their physical selves.

A great example of my own is red lipstick. I am not talking gloss or some sheer version, I am speaking of true blue red, opaque lipstick. My husband loves it and is just thrilled when I wear it. Maybe for him it is evocative of some racy image and although I don't wear it all the time when I do it never goes unnoticed. When I wear my favorite shade of red I don't feel like myself for a few hours. Instead I feel Old Hollywood glamorous and capable of pulling off a couture gown with a plunging neckline.

For the confidence it can inspire in some people alone, I think to dismiss the power and benefit of makeup is silly. And if you just don't buy into all these high minded ideals, then rest assured makeup is just good clean fun too!

p.s. my favorite red is Guerlain #525 Folie de Grenat a deep blue red fantasy.

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