Friday, May 16, 2008

MakeUp Forever Aqua Lip

A recent visit to the San Francisco Sephora was rewarded with a huge expansion of the MakeUp Forever line. This line now has twice the amount of space devoted to it and the selection of products is phenomenal. The eyeshadow selection alone has easily tripled!

My favorite liquid foundation and powder are both from this line and I know that there are a lot of products that you can only get at the MakeUp Forever store in NYC. Needless to say I did a little jig of happiness.

The new product that caught my eye right away was the Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner. I adore the Aqua Eyes liner and am always thrilled with its staying power and the smooth application. This stuff glides on and doesn't skip like some pencils.

Aqua Lip is just the same and comes in 12 shades with 2C, a rosy nude being my pick. These pencils are $16 and available at Sephora. Aqua Lip really lives up to the long wearing claims and is definitely worth the 16 clams!

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