Friday, May 9, 2008

Fekkai Glossing Cream

Here is my favorite and only styling product. Glossing Cream is so perfect no other products need apply.

I have hair that is thick and wavy verging on curly that I highlight. It can get frizzy and downright bushy if let to its own devices. That's wear this olive oil rich dream cream comes in.

I searched high and low and tried many products that worked well but had little issues. I was prepared to accept them until I was told about this cream.

Glossing Cream ($19-$26) is hydrating and also helps to weigh hair down a bit. For someone with my hair type it is ideal at keeping frizz under control.

The real key to frizz control is to apply this cream when you hair is wet, not damp and start at the ends and work up to the roots. My only caveat would be to not over apply because it can get a bit is olive oil after all.

Fekkai also has a limited edition Summer Hair series in stores now. All the products smell like a yummy beachy cococut cocktail with Beach Waves and Zero-Humidity Frizz Control (both $22) being my favorites. The Beach Waves spray really helps to encourage waves and give that tousled appearance of a surfer girl fresh from the seashore.

While they do not take the place of my beloved Glossing Cream, they make a nice addition and make me feel summer ready!

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