Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meeting the Lipstick Queen

On Monday night I met Poppy King the creator of Lipstick Queen. The book reading/lipstick fun was held at Elizabeth Charles on Fillmore in San Francisco. Poppy read excerpts from her book, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen and talked about her adventures along the way. She also helped you find your ideal lipstick color and would read your lips for some insight into your personality as well.

First Poppy King is darling! Truly, she looks like a vision of 50's glamour and is enchanting to speak to. I watched her make lipstick recommendations for lots of ladies and she was spot on. I was of course wearing one my favorite Lipstick Queen shades, Rose Sinner and I am happy to say she agreed with my color choice. Poppy was wearing Red Sinner, an opaque true red that screams retro chic. Along with her fitted Gwen Stefani dress, Red Sinner was a perfect choice.

My purchases for the night were her book, Pink Saint and the new Shine Gloss in Opal which is a rosy pink with shimmer. These glosses are super 70's with oversize pots and thicker texture. My only caution is the fragrance in Shine gloss is quite strong and may not be for everyone.

For those who are new to Lipstick Queen it's available at Barneys and is a sharply edited line of lipstick and gloss. I happen to love that the line is so specific and the colors are not endless variations on a theme. Lipstick Queen is not a rainbow of color but rather the best of each shade which is no small feat if you're asking me!

I am reading her book now and will review it when I am done. If you have the chance to meet Poppy and talk lipstick with her, don't pass it up as you will come away delighted!

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