Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aveda Foot Relief Lotion

Ahhhh.....my aching feet looked like a dried up lizard before I found this lotion. I am ashamed to admit that drastic measures are required each spring when I want to break out my flip flops to transform my callused paws into sandal ready feet.

My husband by contrast has the softest callus free feet of any man, make that person, I have ever met! I think it is some kind of freak gene he has because they are perfect. He has complained on more than one occasion that my feet are scratchy...not the kind of thing a girl wants to hear.

That is where Aveda's Foot Relief Lotion came in. This lotion is refreshing and cooling due to Rosemary and Lavender oils and transforms tired, slightly smelly feet into sweet smelling beauties. It also absorbs quickly so you don't have to walk around with greasy feet. Foot Relief also has fruit acids that gently exfoliate to keep the calluses away.

This really gained some street cred in my household when the husband mentioned that my feet felt nice and he was later caught rubbing some on his own flawless feet!

Foot Relief is $18 and available at Aveda.

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