Monday, May 5, 2008

Bobbi Brown - Lip System

Bobbi Brown's lip system is supposed to take the guess work out of picking a lipstick shade that looks great on you.

Have you had the experience of picking what you were certain was your Holy Grail lip shade only to get home and wonder if you were temporarily insane? Or worse, you got to the car with your new jewel and caught sight of yourself in the rear view mirror, horrified at your lip color? Were you too ashamed to march right back into the store demanding a refund, so instead you skulk home with the offender?

BB's Lip System is aimed at putting an end to just these kinds of episodes. Here's how it works:

  1. a match for your natural lip color is found using one of 12 shades.

  2. build your lip wardrobe using the color wheel. the wheel outlines different neutral, bright, deep and sheer shades that will flatter you most.

My match was Pale Pink....I have really pale lips....but this color wasn't on the cute color wheel. The SA tried various others but none matched as well....hmmm. We ended up going with Sandwash Pink and out of all the suggestions I chose Plum in the Lip Sheer formula. It's a good shade for me but the 12 shade color wheel does have some limitations.

Overall I think this is a great idea. A lot of my friends have me go along to pick cosmetic colors because I will be brutally honest and my love of cosmetics has given me a pretty good eye for color. But I consistently see women purchase lipstick and never really be satisfied with their picks and this is where the Lip System can really help.I saw the Lip System at every BB counter I went to today so go check it out and tell me what your match is!

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