Friday, May 2, 2008

Hourglass - Vineyard Palette

I have green eyes that have yellow flecks in them. If you are thinking along the lines of cat eye color, you would be correct. I have been asked more times than I can count if I am wearing contacts. If there is one thing I have learned from my eyes, it is that purple shades of eyeshadow and liner make them GREEN!

I always get told to wear green eyeshadow to enhance the color and I do not agree. The best shades for green eyed me are purples, golds, and oh, red lipstick makes them look outrageous.

So in honor of purple I would like to present my favorite purple palette. Behold the beauty that is Hourglass' Vineyard! Gorgeous....right!

Okay this baby has 6 eyeshadows that are silky smooth and packed with color and 2 blushes that coordinate perfectly.

The shadows range from a soft light pink and lavender to smoky grey purple and eggplant. The two blush colors are a natural pink with very sheer shimmer and a brighter pink.

These palettes are $75 each, ouch! But they are refillable and the quality is top notch. There are 5 palette color options ranging from natural taupes to glam rocker shades. If not for the price I would own each and every one. As it is I will refill my palette when I go through these lovely shades.

These palettes and the rest of the line are available at Barneys or Sephora . Check out the lipsticks when you are there....they are creamy and divine.

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