Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mineral Makeup - Friend or Foe Part 4

There was no way I could do a Mineral Makeup Challenge and not revisit Bare Escentuals. BE is after all the #1 mineral makeup brand and it is for good reason. The line is huge and the eyeshadow selection is one my favorites.

I really appreciate that BE focuses so much on customer education and never hassles you about a return or exchange and is one of the few lines that seems genuinely concerned with helping you get it right.

By and large I love the line but the foundations have always been the tough spot for me. I wish the packaging had a way to close the sifter for travel and that there was less mica in the foundations. On my oily skin they appear shiny which is the opposite of what I am going for.

On the other hand I love the Mineral Veil and the newer version, Feather Light Mineral Veil. Also my addiction to the Buxom Babes lipgloss is well documented.

For my revisit of this foundation I mixed Fair and Fairly Light to get the right shade for me. After chatting with one of the artists I found out that this is a common practice. The combined shade was a decent match and it took a tiny amount of product to achieve good coverage. Shine aside, coverage is something BE really wins points on.

Also the multi-tasking Bisque powders are all SPF 20 now. My preferred method of concealing with BE is to mix Bisque with Well Rested as the yellow base of Well Rested looks right on my skin.

Overall I still have trouble with BE foundations and just don't think they are the best for me. I hate writing that but it's true and while other products in the line are among my desert island picks (Celestine eyeshadow) the foundation is not.

Next and last up will be Hourglass Oxygen Powder.......

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