Friday, May 23, 2008

Mineral Makeup - Friend or Foe Part 5

Hourglass is a luxury line and according to the creator Carisa Jones is supposed to be all about extravagance and style. I generally like this line a lot and I find the eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks to be pricey but worth it. So I was very excited to test drive their mineral product to see if it really is a rival to what I have tried so far.

Oxygen Powder Foundation is $46 and comes in 4 shades. While the fair to medium skin tones are covered someone with a darker complexion would be out of luck here. The compact on this powder is really interesting in that it has a mirror that turns 360 degrees so you can position it for the best face view.

The thing that struck me right away was the lack of a sunscreen in this product. Most mineral foundations include titanium dioxide or zinc oxide but not so here. I generally look for well formulated broad spectrum SPF but decided I'd give it a whirl to see if the texture warranted a separate sunscreen.

So how did it feel? It was okay. I sound super lackluster right.....well that's how I felt about this powder. In general I am very giddy about Hourglass stuff but this powder just didn't work for me. It was streaky and tough to blend and I was pretty darn shiny faster than I care for. I always like to make sure that I mention I do have pretty oily skin and so what fails on me may be your godsend but this would not be my first suggestion for mineral makeup.

On that note, my favorite mineral powder is Laura Mercier. That powder is a work horse and is truly the hands down winner! It controls shine, gives good coverage and looks luminous and light doing it. The lid that closes over the sifter alone won some serious points. Plus the Mineral Primer may seem silly but to my own amazement it really worked.

It was great fun doing this series and it is really something to see what used to be a niche segment of cosmetics grow to have such a huge selection. I encourage you to try again, as I did, if at first your mineral makeup wishes did not succeed.

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