Monday, May 12, 2008

Kat Von D at Sephora

This makeup collection is for every girl who was a little goth or a lot punk rock back in the day or maybe just wants to be. I love Kat Von D's style but could never pull it off these days. In high school my hair was every color but green but after working in a corporate environment for so long I am boring by comparison! This collection gives me a little taste of that time back and I love it!

Here are my picks from this collection that can be found in Sephora stores and online today. The brush set features 5 eyeshadow brushes all with the ultra cool rose tattoo design for $48.

Painted Love lipstick comes in 4 shades that are Kat Von D's go to shades depending on the occasion. They range from the bright crimson of Underage to the dusty rose of Lolita. I have tested Underage and was very happy with the smooth texture and color payoff. Each tube is $18

Here is the gorgeous Beethoven palette. There is also a Ludwig palette that has a browner range of shades and it was tough to pick my fav. Both are $34 and again the color payoff and texture was fantastic. Speed Blue the midnight blue shade alone is worth buying this for. It is a royal shimmery blue that blends like a dream.

The word from Sephora is that Kat Von D really drove the creative car on the color selection and was super involved. I give her top marks for a job well done and hope that this isn't the last we see from her in the makeup world.

I am in love with the packaging alone and since this is limited do not wait to get your paws on your favorites!

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