Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lipstick Queen

Are a saint or a sinner? In the Lipstick Queen collection that is the question.

Saint lipsticks are 10% pigment and while they are transparent they are loaded with color. I love the Saint colors because for a moisturizing formula they have great staying power.

Sinner lipsticks are 90% pigment by contrast and matte without being dry. They are pure color without frost or shimmer.

There are 10 colors with both a Saint or Sinner version available. I adore Rose (pictured) and Rouge in both formulas. Natural in Saint formula is a staple that never leaves my purse.

The line also includes matte lipgloss and traditional shiny lipgloss. The matte gloss may sound odd, but I assure you looks beautiful on.

This line in available at Barneys and very reasonably priced at $18 a tube. For this makeup junkie who is lipgloss obsessed this is lipstick at its very best.


Cara said...

Dear Makeup Junkie -

Hello!!! This is Cara from Lipstick Queen.
I wanted to invite you and all your fabulous readers to Elizabeth Charles (2056 Fillmore Street)for a event!
Poppy will be there to read your lips (help you find the color that suits you) AND reading little tidbits from her new book: Lessons of a Lipstick Queen Finding and developing the idea that can change your life.
Wine will be served and Poppy will be thrilled to see all you Lipstick Queens!!!!!!! X

Cara said...

Woops forgot to mention Date and time!!
Tuesday 5/19 6-8PM