Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mineral Makeup - Friend or Foe Part 2

My hunt for the best mineral foundation continues with Laura Mercier. I have read many reviews of this mineral foundation and they have been overwhelmingly positive, so naturally I had high hopes for this one.

I suppose that my readers may be asking why I want a mineral foundation option instead of just being satisfied with my favorite liquids. The short answer is that sometimes the ease of a powder is just what I want and there is a lot of evidence out there that ideally you want both a chemical AND a physical sunscreen on your face for maximum protection. Since titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (physical actives) are the active SPF ingredients in mineral powders this has been even more motivation to find a good one.

Laura Mercier's Mineral Foundation SPF 15 comes in an impressive range of shades and the container has a great lid that closes over the sifter making it possible to travel with the stuff.

Laura Mercier also has a Mineral Primer which has silica as it's 3rd ingredient and does a nice job of smoothing the skin and also controlling shine. The line also has a finishing powder but I really didn't notice any difference when this went on versus just the primer and foundation powder.

This powder is not shiny but did have a subtle glow that was very pleasant and kept the powder from looking too heavy.

After a few full days of wear I am thrilled to report amazing shine control and it did not change color on me. I am using the lightest shade, Tender Rose.

So far this is winning the Friend or Foe challenge.

Next up....Jane Iredale Mineral Pressed Minerals SPF 20

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