Monday, August 25, 2008

Urban Decay Lipstick

Here is Urban Decay's new Lipstick. For those who have followed the brand you will know that the lipsticks have come and gone from the line a few times. The first incarnation was lipstick packaged in a bullet casing look-alike. Those lip colors were opaque and intense while the new lineup of lipsticks are much more diverse.

I have read a few reviews of these lipsticks and they have been mixed and I think that mainly has to do with what formulation you pick and your expectations. There are 21 shades to chose from and sheer, cream and shimmer varieties to consider.

The shimmer formula is lovely but you should expect large particle glitter that may not be for everyone. The creams however are elegant and are available in full coverage, semi-sheer and sheer cream. The sheen variety has a frosty glow that I love and highly recommend checking out along with the cream formulas.

The fragrance is creme caramel and it is sweet but not horribly so. The real clincher is the packaging which is beyond cool. Purple metal tubes with a dagger sticking out of the bottom will make any wimpy lipstick run scared! Urban Decay says it can be your secret weapon and I agree!

I picked up Buzzkill a dark rose cream and Voodoo a dark pink sheen. They are truly lovely shades that you might not expect to find in a edgy line like Urban Decay.

The tubes are $22 and available at Sephora.

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