Monday, August 11, 2008

Lancome Magnifique

On the whole Lancome fragrances do not excite me. Tresor is a perfect example of what turns me off about the brand's perfume. Tresor is cloying to my nose and it makes me want to give myself a good scrubbing.

In all honesty I can't say why I feel this way and I have many friends who love Lancome perfume, Tresor included. I was therefore a little hesitant to try Magnifique but I was in for a nice surprise.

Magnifique shares a common woody profile with Donna Karan's Chaos and for the first few minutes on my wrist I was hard pressed to point out specific differences. DK's Chaos is discontinued but I still have some left and immediately thought this would be a good replacement.

As Magnifique and I got better acquainted there was a bit of that Tresor sweetness that threatened to spoil the party but it didn't actually crash the party instead it attended as a noticeable but well behaved guest.

The main notes are saffron, rose and nagarmota wood and the eau de parfum is $65. I suppose if this were a different perfumer I would judge this more harshly and really come down on the Tresor-like aspects but as it is this is a huge step in the right direction for my humble opinion.

I found this at Bloomingdales and I believe Nordstrom has it now as well.

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